White Rock & South Surrey
Welcome to White Rock / South Surrey, one of Canada’s premier living locations! Uniquely located on the Semiahmoo Peninsula we are geographically surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Ocean giving us two beautiful ocean side locations at Crescent Beach and White Rock Beach and beautiful sprawling views wrapping along the coastline in-between. We are pleased to have lived in our special community for over 24 years and constantly enjoy the amenities we have the gift to enjoy. We boast some of the best arts, educational, athletic and family facilities in the province as well as one of the highest standards of living across North America. Please contact us if you have any questions about living in our great community and we will gladly assist you!

The Semiahmoo Peninsula is comprised of the adjoining communities of White Rock and South Surrey. The peninsula offers a lifestyle that is influenced by the unique environment of its physical setting. Curved around the beaches and warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, White Rock's waterfront boasts many fine restaurants, coffee bars, ice cream parlors, curio shops and clothing boutiques. Beautiful, ocean view homes rise up from the beach to dot the steep hillside, overlooking the Gulf Islands, Semiahmoo Resort, and the lights of Blaine, Washington. Add to this beauty one of the most moderate climates in Canada with average temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius in the summer and six degrees in the winter. When it's raining and cloudy in Vancouver, it is often sunny and clear in White Rock The Peninsula basks in approximately 1900 hours of smog-free sunshine per year.

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